Bowman EquipmentD. M. Bowman, Inc. takes great pride in providing our professional driving force with great equipment from the start. Here is the evolution of the equipment as seen from the early years to modern day.

In 1959 Don Bowman purchased the truck that started it all, the 1959 Mack B-61 Thermodyne. He was an owner operator for Frye, Coal and Stone Company. Currently it is fully restored and is in Mr. Bowman's private museum.

D. M. Bowman, Inc's first truck, the 1967 Autocar, was used to haul bricks and dump trailer loads. Next Freightliner Cabovers were purchased to haul flatbed freight in 1974. Around the same time, D. M. Bowman started to haul petroleum products and at one time was Maryland's largest black oil fleet.

The 1980's brought van freight. We hauled ice cream for a major manufacturer. Trucks included 1982 W Model Macks built in Hayword, CA, a 1985 Mack MH Tractors, 1988 Freightliners, and 1989 R Model Macks with customized vans to haul 16 truck cabs at once. D. M. Bowman, Inc. also started to purchase new Bulk Tanks in 1989.

The workhorses of our regional van fleet started with the 1994 Mack CH High Rise. After 1994 D. M. Bowman, Inc. purchased Mack CH Daycabs and 1995 Freightliner Conventional Daycab

In the early 2000’s, we were utilizing 2000 Mack CX Vision. This truck had improved aerodynamics and throttle response as well as the in-cab features were a hit with professional truck drivers. Other trucks were added to the fleet, such as the 2005 Volvo VL 64T “rides like a car and is extremely quiet” according to Don Bowman who delivered the first Volvo from the plant to our Williamsport terminal.

We are currently adding 2015 model tractors and our latest equipment is outfitted with Webasco's and Qualcomm.

By July 2015, our over the road fleet will consist of 2013-2015 Volvo 670 double bunk sleepers. The average age of our over the road fleet is currently 2.2 years.

  • 475 HP
  • 15% have Volvo I shift automatic transmission and the others are a standard 10 speed manual shift
  • All tractors are equipped with Webasto cab warmers

By July 2013, our local fleet will consist Mack CXU Day Cabs 2012 thru 2013. The average age of our day cab fleet will be 2.5 years.

  • 445 HP
  • All new day cabs are Mack M shift automatic transmissions.

Trucks at right from top to bottom: 1959 Mack B-61 Thermodyne, 1967 Autocar, 1974-Freightliner Cabovers, 1985- Mack MH Tractor, and 1995 Freightliner Conventional Daycab.